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Nelson G. Woo, D.M.D.


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I genuinely never leave reviews, but my recent experience with Woo Endodontics was truly awesome. I suffer from extreme anxiety when it comes to the dentist, and I do not respond well to local anesthetic. I require several shots of local …MoreI genuinely never leave reviews, but my recent experience with Woo Endodontics was truly awesome. I suffer from extreme anxiety when it comes to the dentist, and I do not respond well to local anesthetic. I require several shots of local anesthetic, and it takes a long time for me to be completely numb. I was referred to Dr. Woo from Canton Family Dentistry for a root canal. Dr. Woo and his team took extreme care to make sure that I was calm, numb, and comfortable throughout the entire procedure. I am extremely thankful to Woo Endodontics for making a root canal somehow a pleasant experience. While I hope I do not have to visit again anytime soon, I would absolutely recommend this practice to anyone requiring a root canal!

Anna G.

Dr. Woo and his staff are very professional and polite. I was very comfortable during the procedure and was finished in an hour. DR. Woo called me to check "how I felt" the same evening. Very impressed and thankful for his Endodontist practice.

Anthony A

Dr. Woo did an amazing job and hands down one of the easiest dental procedures I 've had.  Thanks for being so great at what you do!

Kristen F

Dr. Woo's practice is one of a kind. From the first time you walk in you feel as though they have always known you. Everyone is very friendly and knowledgeable and you can tell that they truly care for their patients. Dr. Woo called to check on me the night of my procedure which is something I have never heard of before. This office should be the example because they set the bar as high as it can go. Thank you Dr. Woo and staff!

Donna M.

Root canals are never fun and rank pretty low on my list of things to do. Dr. Woo makes the experience as pain free and "pleasant" as one would hope a root canal can be!! The staff is very friendly and extremely professional. Dr. Woo is amazing and my healing process is the quickest in my experience of having way too many root canals. Thank you Dr. Woo and I also appreciate the follow up phone call the night of my procedure from you and the call the next morning from your staff.

Susanne H.

After 40 years my root canal needed to be redone and had an added complication of having an embedded silver point as part of the original procedure. Dr. Woo and his staff did a great job! They made a difficult procedure seem easy. Thank you so much!

Duncan M.

I came in late afternoon in severe pain due to an issue by another dentist. Dr.Woo was fully booked for the week, but immediately offered to open an hour earlier just to see me. The process was much less painful than the previous root canal I had done by others. The staff was courteous and careful and very much aware of my comfort. Thanks you so much Dr. Woo and staff.

Mark C

This is a great office. If you need a root canal done, come here. Dr. Woo called me at 8:30 tonight to make sure I was OK. Not often that you get that kind of personal service. It's nice to know that there are places were the customers are really cared for. Thank you.

Michelle R.

This was my first root canal and I was very nervous. I explained to Dr. Woo that I don't like needles and that Novocaine makes me jittery all over. Dr. Woo and his assistant were very kind, friendly and helpful. So were the ladies in the front office. I did not have to wait past my appointment time and in an hour and a half I was out of the office. I hope I don't have to go back, but if I do, they will definitely be my first choice.

Jennifer A.

Very seldom do I receive service beyond my expectation but couple that with a true patient centric model and I'd have better odds of being struck by lightening.  Your practice is amazing.  Thanks for turning a painful situation into such a positive experience.  I'd almost go through with the root canal again.

Steve M.

I highly recommend Woo Endodontics. Facility and staff are very professional. Dr Woo was very thorough in his explanation and assessment of my root canal treatment. Thank you for making this a painless RC experience

Bob C

Dr. Woo and his staff were great! They made a difficult procedure seem easy. If I have another one they will be the ones I go to. Thank you guys!

Mary Virginia F.

A fun root-canal? Of course not. But as pleasant an experience as is humanly possible. Every member of the practice is a glowing reflection of Doctor Woo's care, concern and respect for each patient. Highest recommendation.

Dan H.

Best root canal experience I've ever had. The entire staff was very warm, friendly and caring. Hope I never need another RC but if I do...I know who I'll call. Thanks Dr Woo and staff. I highly recommend them.

Paula A.

A close friend recommended Dr. Woo to me. She had worked with Dr. Woo several years ago and had a tremendous amount of respect for Dr. Woo as a person as well as for the quality of his work. I have had too much experience with root canals in the past, so I know how to compare the procedures. This procedure was a breeze in comparison to previous root canals. Thanks to your entire staff. Each employee was pleasant and professional. Also, thanks for working late to make the pain go away.

Melinda A.

Thank you for a pleasant experience on a procedure I was not happy to have. I cannot stop recommending you every chance I get.

Lori S

I would highly recommend Dr. Woo and the team at Woo Endodontics to anyone in need of the service!

Chris M

Dr. Woo and all his staff are very caring, kind and go out of their way to help. I highly recommend them. Thanks for taking great care of me!

Shirley W.

On a scale of 1-10 Dr. Woo & staff get a 10+. Nice that Dr. Woo phoned evening after treatment to check on status. Happy to say not even a Tylenol was required. Most important, feel that I got expertise treatment in a an efficient and caring environment.

Dee O

I was referred to Dr. Woo because of the difficulty of my root canal. I am extremely scared of dentists, especially injections in my gums. Dr. Woo explained thoroughly all the risks of this procedure. I am VERY pleased to share what a remarkable endodontist Dr. Woo is, as well as a very capable assistant Tabitha. This root canal took two visits due to the complexity of this procedure. Dr. Woo caused me NO pain and the procedure was completely successful. THANK YOU AND YOUR STAFF!

Mr. Bruce B.

I can not say thank you enough to Dr. Woo and Nikita for doing such a great job on my root canal! To say I was nervous is an understatement, but they were very patient and helped me relax. I never felt like Dr. Woo was rushed and he asked me several times during the procedure if I was doing ok. The best root canal experience ever!

Dana D

From the initial scheduling through the complete process of treating my back tooth with root canal, the service and work provided was outstanding. I would recommend Dr. Woo and his professional Staff to anyone. Thank you Dr. Woo, Tabatha, and Jennifer!

David B

I had to get my first root canal yesterday and Dr. Woo came highly recommened from my dentist in Canton. The staff was elite and very comforting and professional.I was treated with outstanding care from Dr.Woo himself, with me being 20 weeks pregnant. He took the time to explain the procedure and really cared about the safety of me and my baby.I thought I would have some pain the next couple of days , but I woke up with zero pain the next mourning. It's like nothing happened! I immediatly called the office that next mourning to let them know how pleased I was with my root canal. I would highly reccommend Dr.Woo and his staff to perform your next root canal! -Kortney

Kortney B.

Dr. Woo and Staff,

Thank you for your expertise, knowledge, and patience!  You were able to make a miserable, frightening experience something completely "doable"-even by a difficult patient :)


Barbara B

I can not tell you how great it is to be pain free, of course nobody enjoys going to the dentist but when the staff and Dr. do all they can to make it a pleasant experience it sure helps! Even the shots I couldn't feel and who is given a headset & the remote to watch TV while having their teeth worked on? Will definitely recommend to my friends & family!

Donna G.

I have had root canals before, but still get anxious before my visit.  Dr. Woo, Ashley, and Nikita went above and beyond spending the time necessary to make me feel comfortable about the procedure.  I am so glad they did, because now I am not only free from pain, but I have found a good place to have a root canal.

Amazing. As soon as you walk into the tranquil and warm lobby, you realize that the team of Dr. Woo wants to make this experience as comfortable as possible. And it worked. What intrigued me the most, next to team, was the technology. I have had root canals done before, and cutting down the procedure time down to a third, was very appreciated. A TV over my head, feeling no pain, having a giggle with the team, this was great. To bad, Dr. Woo can not be my regular dentist. Thank you Ashley, Nikita and Dr. Woo.

Michael F.

I would recommend family and friends to Dr. Woo. He and his staff are the most friendly and dedicated professionals I have ever had the pleasure to go to. They put you at ease and confident that everything is going to be okay and taken care of. I know this is an Endodontist, and as much as I am deathly afraid of that dental chair, I felt like I had come to the right place! I just wish his practice was closer than a 2 hour drive.

Juli E

Peaceful Experience. I have had many root canals done before, but have never been satisfied with the level of hospitality as I have with Woo Endodontics. Everyone there on staff is extremely nice and treat you like they have known you forever. I was greeted with beautiful smiles and was taken back within minutes of being there. Dr. Woo personally came to me and introduced himself and made me feel comfortable about who he is as a doctor. The atmosphere is very welcoming and I felt at peace about having my root canal. I would highly recommend Woo Endodontics, not for just the welcoming invitation, but for who Dr. Woo is and the knowledge and education he has in Root Canal Therapy.

Tim G.

Great experience! Friendly office staff and great doctor!

Mija F

In spite of the fact that I had never before seen him, Dr. Woo helped me through an emergency root canal. It was late afternoon and even though he and his staff were ending their day, they never once made me feel I was an inconvenience. And, while I don't think anyone would ever describe a root canal as a pleasant experience, the level of comfort, care and professionalism was beyond compare. Thanks to all for saving me from what would have surely been a very long weekend. And WHAT A STAFF!!

Debbie P.

I will recommend Doctor Woo to everyone I know. I am no longer nervous about going to the Dentist. Doctor Woo explained my options and was very kind. The staff was Awesome!! A+++++++

Carol H.

I had a root canal done today by Dr Woo.From the moment I walked into the office I was treated like Family!! I can't say enough about Dr Woo and his highly trained staff! I never once felt any pain or discomfort while I was having the root canal.As a matter of fact they had me laughing in the chair. Dr Woo and his staff are truly amazing!! Thanks for all you did and do!! You guys rock!!!

Jim L.

Dr.Woo was amazing! He is very knowledgeable and communicates everything as he does the procedure.I highly recommend him and will continue to use him going forward! His staff is very personable and informative as well.
Daryl R.

Dear Dr. Woo, In this day and time it is so difficult to find a doctor you can trust and take care of your particular problem. I sincerely want to thank you for being so attentive in relieving my tooth pain resulting in my root canal. Also, I would like to extend special kudos to Ashley in your front office and Tabitha assisting you with the procedure. And in closing, your call the next day on my progress will always greatly be appreciated!


Dr Woo and his staff were wonderful! Root canal therapy was done on my #8 tooth and I was in and out in less than an hour. This was my first root canal ever. After the local anesthetic wore off, I was in some pain which I expected but less …MoreDr Woo and his staff were wonderful! Root canal therapy was done on my #8 tooth and I was in and out in less than an hour. This was my first root canal ever. After the local anesthetic wore off, I was in some pain which I expected but less than 24 hours later, I cant even tell anything was done. No more pain! I highly recommend Dr Woo and his staff for all your RCT needs. Outstanding experience. 5 stars

Ryan L

In the interest of full disclosure, I am a dental professional who works in the area. That is exactly why, when it became clear that I needed an endodontist I immediately called Dr. Woo's office. I had heard so much positive feed back from my patients.
Dr. Woo and his highly competent crew performed my root canal and closed the canal in one visit! I was comfortable and pain free the entire visit and continue to be symptom free weeks later.
Root c
anal therapy is often associated with pain and anxiety. I have had three in my life. This was the best experience. Dr Woo and his crew deserve 5 stars! Not easy to achieve for a root canal! Great job guys. 

Peter M

Root Canal...painless, professional, quick and easy...Great job by Dr. W and staff!

Tony H.

I just left from my root canal maybe an hour ago. There wasn't any pain at all. Dr. Woo was great. I am extremely pleased!!! My filing hurt worse. I have been dealing with sensitivity for a year almost all is gone. Thank you very much for such a great experience.

Chris G

I was nervous about having my 1st and hopefully last root canal done but from the time I arrived for my procedure, Dr. Woo and his staff made me feel comfortable throughout the whole thing. I would recommend Dr. Woo to anyone that needs this type of procedure done. Thanks, Ron C.

Ron C.

Dr. Woo and his staff were very friendly and courteous. I appreciated Dr. Woo calling the night of my appointment to make sure everything was ok. I was very impressed with them!

Jennifer C.


Amber D.

Dr. Woo and his staff were great! They made a difficult procedure seem easy. If I have another one they will be the ones I go to. Thank you guys!

Bobby B.

Dr. Woo and his staff worked me in when I was in SERIOUS pain and they stayed late to get my procedure done. I was so impressed with his work. So many times dr's or dentists hustle you in and out without even shaking your hand. Not the case here. So friendly, knowledgable, and you can tell he sees his work as important and enjoys his field. They did everything to make sure I was comfortable. If this review had 10 possible stars Id give them 11. Seriously.

Chris C

My dentist referred me to Dr. Woo because I shared that I had slight discomfort with my crown. When Dr. Woo said I needed a root canal, I went into to stress mode. I was concerned that he would not know the exact place where the pain was because I was not sure where it was. On the day of the root canal he assured me he knew where the point of pain was. He gave me nitrous at my request because I freak out at the sounds, vibrations, etc. I went through the procedure fine and he called me that evening to see how I was doing. The office is amazing and I recommend them to everyone. Thanks, Dr. Woo.

J. Brown

I've also had a number of root canals over the years & Dr. Woo is excellent. I had to get my work done in a,narrow time frame & they were wonderful about getting me in to meet my needs. Wonderful treatment while i was there. Work was well done.
Carol F

I have had several root canals with Dr Woo and he is wonderful. Not once have I even felt so much as a twinge of pain and he is FAST. Believe me, I'd had so many bad experiences prior to finding him that I was a basket case when I sat in his chair for the first time. Dr Woo is a master craftsman. And if you have any kinds of root canal fears, you need to choose Dr Woo!
Susan P.

Dr. Woo and his staff are the best. I went into his office a little nervous and fearful about getting a root canal, but came out surprised. The procedure was actually pain free. Dr. Woo kept asking if I was okay through the entire procedure. He even called me later that day to make sure I was doing alright. He even left me his cell phone number in case I needed anything. I really can't say enough about him and his friendly staff. I highly recommend him!

Matthew E.

I was petrified when I walked in, and a limp noodle when I sashayed out! Dr. Woo was wonderful...thorough, quick, and kind. His assistants were also terrific...very personable. I got to wear headphones and watch TV on the ceiling, so it was a nice afternoon all around! Thank you so much!

Jeanie S

I had an abscessed tooth and needed to have root canal surgery. I was referred to Dr. Woo by my dentist. I was very afraid it would be a painful procedure. Dr. Woo made it painless and as quick as possible. The staff are wonderful, friendly and interested in making you comfortable. All in all, a very good experience!

Carole B

Dr Woo and staff are amazing! I had to go to another Endodontist because of an insurance change.. I will ABSOLUTELY pay out of pocket next time to see Dr Woo! Finding someone gentle and a great staff is priceless.

Jillian A

I have actually been telling my referral dentist and anyone else about a wonderful experience I had with Dr. Woo and his excellent staff. The procedure was not painful and I was thrilled with the results. I was warned that there could be some tenderness. But I had very minor irritation when chewing for about only a day and a half. After that it was like I had a brand new tooth with no discomfort at all! It has been months now since the procedure, and I feel that this was a remarkably trouble free experience. The staff is friendly and very professional. I would give this doctor six stars if I could!

Frank S

I would definitely recommend Dr.Woo- his staff and himself are all very professional and saw me on the same day as I had an urgent root canal that needed to be done. They make sure you understand what you are in for, and answer any and all questions. I am a very nervous patient, but they make the experience much better


Thank you for being so kind, patient and sensitive to my fears.  My visit on 6/28/18 was as pleasant as you could possibly make it. Thanks for giving your all to me!



Janet B